Ever wonder why you “lose” your motivation? Maybe you’re sitting there watching others on The Socials doing all these amazing things and you can’t get off the couch…again. WHATS WRONG WITH ME?! Why can’t I get motivated?? Maybe you’re frustrated. Perhaps you feel guilty, or just plain mad. Possibly you even get depressed. THEN all the excuses start pouring out of you. “I had a rough week”, “If I had more energy like them, then it’d be easier “ blah, blah, blah. Sound familiar?

Motivation is not Constant 

Say what?! Contrary to what you may believe, motivation is not a key part of having a healthy lifestyle. Shredded Sally or Fit Bob aren’t always motivated. Sometimes Sally and Bob want to sit on the couch, skip the workout, and order pizza. Sometimes Sally posts a video of her ab routine when she didn’t even want to do the workout in the first place. Then YOU watch Sally and her shredded abs on The Socials and it begins the negative cycle (ie sitting on the couch hating Sally). Motivation has its ups and downs just like life. Sometimes we got it, sometimes we don’t. We can’t, nor should we rely on motivation to keep us going. That’s like relying on everyday life to go completely perfect.#notrealistic

The truth is, Fit Bob doesn’t have an endless supply of motivation that keeps him healthy. When fit Bob doesn’t want to do $h!#, and is feeling unmotivated, he still takes the action. Once he’s done the ACTION, he gets motivated to keep going. “OK so you’re telling me I’m just being Lazy?”. Well you might be, but no, what Imma say is: We get motivated AFTER we do the action ie  Actions Lead to Motivation, not the other way around. Sally still did the ab routine even when she didn’t want to, and Bob didn’t stay on the couch. The key being  ACTION.  In other words, they didn’t wait for motivation to do the thing. 

The 5 Minutes Challenge

Find your motivation in 5 minutes or less (sounds like an infomercial, right?). The next time you don’t want to do the thing “you know you’re supposed to do”, set a time for 5 minutes (yes just 5) and do the thing. You CAN do anything for five minutes (walk, yoga, workout, dance, meditate, run…). If you do five and you’re done, great! (*high five) you did the thing you didn’t want to do. If the timer ends and you find yourself saying, “eh I’m already outside, may as well keep walking” you my friend, have just found your motivation.

Actions Lead to Motivation… 

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