Pizza Town

Journal Entry November 13th, 2021

Today was hot. So hot. How hot do you ask? At one point Bobby stops us in the shade and only after I sit down do I realize how overheated I feel. “I’m worried about your legs” he says. I’m wearing shorts and I haven’t applied sunscreen yet. “Remember we’re in the desert, we’re in the Arizona desert” Bobby scolds me. I wait to catch my breath and then grab the sun block. Bobby lays down in shade as I coat myself in grease. 3.3 miles to go, and then we pizza. We make an extra stop for water, just to cool down and chug another liter. It feels like the sun zaps the energy out of you and makes every step harder.

We’re sitting on trail waiting for pizza. Crazy I know right. There is a small town with a small pizza shack that will deliver pizza to a trailhead. We ordered 2 large pizzas and a 2 liter root beer. Too much pizza for sure but whatever. As we sit here debating if we can set up a tent on the side of the road I’m reminded that nothing matters.

We’ve literally hiked 500+ miles, washed in creeks, shat in the woods and slept on the ground for over a month now. Nothing matters right now except for pizza.

Pizza was delivered but OH NO they forgot the ranch, I’ll be back says the driver. One slice into the pizza a truck passes, and the driver throws the car in reverse to ask if we need anything. The second slice of pizza, the ranch arrives. A different driver this time , a regular guy obviously not a pizza worker. “I was just stopping in for food and I normally pass by this spot on my way home, they asked me to drop of the ranch”. Gotta LOVE small towns. 12oz of ranch later, (I had no idea they delivered that much ranch!)  We are feasting complete with an unhealthy amount of root beer and ranch. I’ve always wanted to order two pizzas in one sitting *haha call me crazy but I’ve always wanted to have a whole pizza to myself on trail. We eat to our hearts content, with still a few slices left for breakfast. We packed up everything and start heading down the road, two empty pizza boxes in hand. Not 200 yards a car passes us. “Hi, y’all hiking the trail? You can camp beside the road, behind the shed and I’ll take your trash”. the man tells us of his daughters 50lb prize winning pig, then says “We try to trim up the bushes for y’all so there’s room to camp”. The trail provides yet again, pizza delivery and a campsite. I don’t want to pat ourselves too much on the back but I’m excited that a 14 mile day is an “easy” day for us now. 

November 14th- Pizza hangover

We wake up at 3am. Bobby told me the alarm was set for 4am, but he sneaks and sets it earlier. At first I am annoyed but then I wasn’t sleeping anyways so I get up. There was a street light near where we camped and it kept me tossing and turning all night. We have coffee and left over pizza for breakfast. It’s cold. Really cold. I’m shivering and Bobby gives me his sleeping pants to hike in. I’ve sent mine home already. We hit the trail by 5am and I’m happy to be hiking. “Remember how cold it is, cause it’s about to get hot”. Our plan is to hike until 2pm or until it gets too hot then take a long break in the shade. My new shoes feel like I’m walking on bricks and soon my feet are aching. I try not to complain, and so I tell myself at least I can’t feel the rocks. 16.5 miles later we both collapse in the shade. “Let’s eat all the snack” I says, “ I’m so over this trail”. I mean it and I don’t. Obviously we won’t eat all the snacks and I’m still alive so I guess I’m happy to be out here. The end is in sight. Just 150 miles to go. 

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