Every Couple Should Thru-Hike

Journal Entry- November 15th, 2021

Today was hard. New shoes, still wondering if that was a good idea. My feet are so super sore, they ache as if I just started the trail and not 30 days ago . It’s salt in the wound as Bobby has no feet issues. He remarks on how “Hard it is” that I’m hiking so slow.  I know he doesn’t mean it but it still hurts my pride. I push on, trying not to complain. Tears sting my eyes from my frustration, I should be better, I know I could be better. Was buying new shoes more than half way though my trip a complete mistake? Not only are they new and a totally different brand, my choices were very limited at the time of purchase. Now I’m realizing that I bought a different type of shoe altogether. To air on the side of caution I got a shoe that had extra thick soles, I got hiking shoes and my feet are used to trail runners. I realize my mistake too late. Now I’m on trail and my feet are so sore. My mantra is always, never look back because it could have always been worse. Perhaps my old shoes would have died on trial and I would have had to walk barefoot? Or perhaps not. No use in looking back now. As I sit here and complain in my writing, I also remind myself that we are aiming for high mileages. 24 miles is planned for tomorrow and the other day we did 21. My feet are still with me. They did not die, so perhaps I’m just being a wussy. I know I’m just hard on myself, I want to be better, I just have to dial in my gear a bit more.


November 16th

I’m so proud of us. We hiked 17 miles before taking a break today. I pat ourselves on the back reminding us of where we started. I remember when we first talked of thru hiking and it makes me smile.

“You pick the best vacations”


Today was hot and never-ending but again I’m proud of us for our high miles. We decide mid trail that we should make a detour into Oracle AZ to resupply. Originally we had thought to push to the next town but decided 12 miles and 5,000 foot climb would be better accomplished with more food. As we sit in the shade, chugging a liter of water I search the trail app we use for options. A trail Angel has listed her number and we decide to make the call. Carol picks us up 2 miles down the trail and off we go to resupply. 

We decided to camp at a hostel that is right on trail. As we walk up the place looks like a cool, old, ranch style cabin. We’re greeted by an orange tabby cat and Bobby smiles as he calls to it tying to tempt it for a lap snuggle. I’m so happy, I have bread, cheese, a beer and I settle back to watch him play with the cat. This spot is great and soon we’re having a great conversation with the owner. The manager digs us a huge hole – for pooping- and builds us a fire. What service! But then Bobby and I laugh at how close the hole is to our tent. We play argue at who gets it first in the morning. “Every couple should Thru-hike” Bobby laughs and we agree. This is the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever under taken and I’m reminded again how lucky I am to have a partner who wanted to join me.

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