There and back again

26 days, 540 miles LASH

(Long Ass Section Hiker) on the Appalachian Trail

Hot Springs  N.C. – mile starter 204.7

The morning comes to quickly. I wake up to the taste of old cigar and right then decide to never partake again. The alarm is set for 5am. Bobby gets up first to make coffee. I lay in bed and think, this is the most comfortable I’ll be for the next 6 weeks. I take extra time washing my face and brushing my teeth, reveling in the water that floods my sink. I think about the countless days ahead. My decision to leave for the trail is never easy. Each time I think it will get easier but I think it just gets harder.
Then all too soon we are on our way to Hot Springs. The mixture of feelings I have are of greatfulmess and loneliness. There is a part of me that feel selfish for leaving and accept Bobby’s offer to work and take care of our home. There is a part of me that is afraid, and another part that yearns for the trail. Bobby calms me during the drive, “All you’re going to do is walk”. It sounds so easy when he says it.
As much as I want to be a badass I begin to cry as Bobby walks me to the trailhead. I sliently scold myself for being so emotional. Try as I may, I miss him already and it’s hard to say goodbye. I walk away from him. Trying to catch my breath. Trying to remember why I wanted to leave. “I love you” Bobby yells to me, and I backtrack to the bend where I can see him once more. I wave as he waves at me. With each step I get stronger and as the distance grows I begin to think I can do this. I can be strong.

I want to do this…

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