And the list begins anew…

👣 19 miles 
I am soaked and cold. It’s been raining since 10am. I hike the highest peak on the AT and the last 6,000ft climb on the trail. At first the rain is nice, calming, and I only seen one other hiker in 13 miles. It’s a light rain and the birds are still singing. The colors of the woods are in high contrast admits the fog and rain. I like hiking in the rain, it is so peaceful. I keep repeating things to stay positive as the rain begins to storm: 1) feet are stil dry. 2) my knee doesn’t hurt when I climb. 3) Bobby’s dad made it safe. 4)I’m not cold 5) I have food.
As the trail becomes a river, my list begins to check off; My feet are soaking wet. Now I am freezing. I begin to fantasize about having tea and food on my break. 1 mile to the shelter and I see a small run off/ what looks like it could be a stream. I use a ziplock to collect the tiny trickle and fill my bottle. I get to the shelter, I am shivering. This shelter has a door, no way! 
I climb inside. It’s dark, and the floor is slightly tilted. It makes me dizzy at first. A few other cold wet bodies huddle around. It’s 48 degreez. I quickly get out of my wet clothes and grab my puffy, dry socks, and wrap my sleeping bag around my feet. Now time for my tea. I will wait another hour and then brave the weather again. I am so happy I have water for tea. Im so glad I have food. Im so glad I have shelter. And the list begins a new…

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