I’m not hungry but I guess I’ll eat

I am not hungry this morning but I force myself to eat so I can take my pills. Bobby slipped turmeric and glucosamine into my bag. I had thought I wouldn’t want the weight and did not packed them myself. Now each morning I am ever grateful to him. I take advil as well and sit drinking my coffee waiting for the caffeine and pain relief to kick in. I sept much better last night but I woke with a sore throat. I’m chalking it up to Allergies. 
I typically don’t eat breakfast at home so it’s not something I want on trail. However, at home I get up early to sit with my coffee and it is no different on trail. I guess this may be a sign of my caffeine addiction. I think also I am person that likes to constantly be on the move. Once my day has started, I will not sit down again until the days end. Regardless of the reasons I take at least an hour in the mornings before I start to hike. I am 10 miles to Erwin for which I am stoked. I will pick up my first resupply box. Only 8 more to go. Perhaps that is how I can count my time here, by the boxes instead of days. It is only been 4 days and already it feels like a week…
Well my coffee is finished and now I feel that I may be staling. Next stop Erwin. 

4/25 -23 miles 👣
I wake up and it’s already light out. I’ve slept in till 6:30. At once I feel congested and sore. I make coffee and call home almost immediately, I’m so grateful to have service. Just hearing his voice makes me feel better. My knee and my congestion makes me hike slow, and my slow pace causes me to take my time. I find myself seeing more and everything is beautiful. I’m caught in the middle of two batteling thoughts: Let’s see how far I can hike in 6 weeks, and how far CAN I hike in 6 weeks. 
It’s suppose to rain tomorrow ☔️I get some trail magic: A slice of banana bread. A glass of ice tea. A small packet of hot sauce. A heresy kiss. The day feels long and I pop pain pills like candies. I’m excited that every step I take from here on out is new. Yet I’m still adjusting to being on trail and so I try not to think too far ahead of each day. My next goal is get to my next box. 2 days and I’ll be there. 

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