A girl named Clare.

I met a girl yesterday who’s name was Clare. She’s hikes 30 miles a day even after she had knee surgery. She is a badass woman. When I woke this morning she was already gone. I instantly feel inadequate. It’s so crazy how I could be here now, hiking my brains out, living on trail,... Continue Reading →

Don’t think, just hike.

suzie.riedel 👣 Location: Damascus 👣 My emotions change as quickly as the trail gains and looses its elevation. It’s hard to describe but the minuet I leave town I am alone again and my emotions are heavy. I’ve talked to 3 people today, one of them being Bobby. The second was the woman at the dollar... Continue Reading →


I wake up and it’s cold out. I dress quickly, putting my thermals on over my shorts. It’s freezing when I step out of the tent, and it takes my breath away. Already the sun is up but it does nothing to warm me up, nor the air. The wind whips around me freezing my... Continue Reading →

And the list begins anew…

👣 19 miles I am soaked and cold. It’s been raining since 10am. I hike the highest peak on the AT and the last 6,000ft climb on the trail. At first the rain is nice, calming, and I only seen one other hiker in 13 miles. It’s a light rain and the birds are still singing.... Continue Reading →

There and back again

26 days, 540 miles LASH (Long Ass Section Hiker) on the Appalachian Trail Hot Springs  N.C. - mile starter 204.7 The morning comes to quickly. I wake up to the taste of old cigar and right then decide to never partake again. The alarm is set for 5am. Bobby gets up first to make coffee.... Continue Reading →

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