Scruffy Man and Outback Girl

November 19th, 2021 We hike 19 miles today. This morning we realize we have one more mountain to climb, and it is the steepest yet. It’s hard to accept this close to the end and the temptation to end early is enticing. We’re literally hiking around Tucson, I can see the glittering lights from our... Continue Reading →

Every bird is afraid of heights…

Journal Entry- November 17th, 2021 We’re stealth camping tonight. It’s suppose to freeze tonight as well making the whole experience exciting and at the same time nerve racking. We’re at 8,000 feet, spent the whole day climbing up to a small town at the top of a ridge. The views were amazing and we made... Continue Reading →

Pizza Town

Journal Entry -November 13th, 2021 Today was hot. So hot. How hot do you ask? At one point Bobby stops us in the shade and only after I sit down do I realize how overheated I feel. “I’m worried about your legs” he says. I’m wearing shorts and I haven’t applied sunscreen yet. “Remember we’re... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Desert

Journal Entry- Somewhere between the snow and desert One of the things I love about thru-hiking is the feeling of being completely and utterly dependent on yourself. That moment on trail when you realize that there’s only one way home, you. As soon as you’ve packed your bag you seal your fate and no matter... Continue Reading →

Not Today Cow Poopy Water

Journal Entry- October 20th, 2021 We hike 20 miles today. There is a lot of flat road walking in this section, it makes the miles feel longer. It’s warming up a bit though so I put on shorts. It’s the little things. We see a water cash randomly on the side of the road and... Continue Reading →

I’m Too Cold to Poop

Journal Entry- October 17th, 2021 It is freezing. Last night we camped in a frozen valley. I’m not sure what the temperature was but it felt the coldest yet. We hurriedly packed up camp, all the while shivering. “I’m too cold to poop” I tell Bobby, and he agrees. “I can’t bring myself to squat... Continue Reading →

What say you old man?

We finally made it to the trail. Already it feels like an adventure and it is only the first day. There's snow on the ground in Arizona. I though I was prepared for this trip but camping in 18 degree weather is a new kind of cold to me. As we set up the tent in the snow I am suddenly aware of how completely alone we are. Something about the fact that we had to fly on the plane to get here makes it feel even more remote. ‘Am I crazy, this is crazy’ keeps repeating in my head.

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